Working notes about the site and setup



  • Aliases intermittently not working on the site, despite working in Obsidian.
    • I thiiiiink the syntax is right. I recall having one that worked.


  • Inability to reference a paragraph.
  • No auto-index or search for the site (likely could add, or choose another template)
    • I’m also not sure whether I want these features…
  • Difficulty in reordering outlines in Obsidian/markdown (because it’s not an outliner)
  • Inability to collapse headings (like in an outline)
  • No TOC option (this is likely something I can do within Obsidian, hopefully rendering properly on the site)
  • The graph at the bottom of each page show all notes in the graph…
    • I think I’d prefer JUST the connections to the current note.



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