Integrating the blog and the wiki

Blog = Stream; Wiki = Garden

When I first heard of digital gardens, I thought of them as an enhancement to blogs. An alternate form of expression focused on forming a network of ideas, as opposed to a feed of content.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of the two formats as companions. The stream hydrates the garden.

Ideas for integrating the blog and the garden

  • [[ Auto-posting updates to the garden to the blog ]]
  • Blog as loose, free expression -> Distilled into more polished garden entries.

Barriers and problems

I can already sense a bit of tension on where to write. The system of integration feels good in theory — but in reality I have a bit of a “Do it live!” style. No need for a delineation between messy and polished.

Most “polish” I write, if I ever get to that stage, is just stream-of-consciousness anyway. I’m not much of a planner/editor.

Based on this, I’m likely to just write directly into the garden. Though I like the idea of a blog!

What do I like about a blog?

  • It’s focused on “now”
  • It can be the basis of distribution / RSS

Blog as changelog

As in [[ Auto-posting updates to the garden to the blog ]], I like the idea of the blog being a feed of edits to the garden — with maybe a bit of added flair to keep it readable and entertaining.

Edits + commentary + new posts debut there? Is that too much work?

Is git useful in generating a feed of changes?

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